Super Happy Hacker House Fifteen concluded! A huge thanks to everyone who made it out. For those who missed it, here’s a quick recap of the night’s lightning talks;

Monome, “Hippywood”

How to Run an Election Campaign, “get a real mailbox people!”

Bitcoin, “Harper is irrelevent”

Eight Months With a Backpack, “All you need; food, shelter, data… sex?”

PLCs and the Space, “…oh, and don’t touch the wires, you will lie down and be still for a long time”

Drupal for Festivals (Festivemind), “gate, cleanup, planning, money, lists, volunteers”

Survey; what do you log? “survey results aren’t in yet…”

Maker Faire Involvement, “Comraderie!” “whaho, posters!”

Steven Harper Ya! Gooo Harper go! “Fudge the Liberals!” “ISPs to disclose client data” “we’re fudging.. fudged!”

EL kit or Japanese T-Shirt Folding? <crowd shouts for T-Shirt thing> BANG! a shirt is folded too fast for comfortable laundry practice. “…any questions?”

Android; the widgets suck, “They’re fudging widgets, HTML…” “the price of Bitcoin is a widget..”

Huzaa! and thus the lighting talks ended, people broke into smaller groups to discuss things in detail, drink annnd….


Electronics Wizard!

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  1. I’m pretty sure “fudge” is not the word I used…

    (Nice post.)