VHS is looking for a new space! We’re moving!

Todays space meeting has cumulated in the formation of a committee to spearhead the search for a new building for Vancouver Hack Space. We’re moving as soon as we can find somewhere suitable!

We’ve outgrown our current space, and are need of somewhere that can house our new laser cutter (yes, it’s so big that we can’t even get it into our current building!). Currently we’ve been looking at suitable posts on Craigslist, but would like to open it up to the community to let us know about any locations they know about that could be suitable for us.

Let us know about any spaces you find on the VHS email list!

Here’s what VHS looked like at the last Super Happy Hacker House:


Update: I imagine that this map is a decent guide of where to look; it roughly corresponds to commercial and industrial districts located close to downtown or skytrain stations (click to see the high-res version). Green is an awesome location, yellow is decent, and red not-so-great but possible as a last resort.

2 Comments on “VHS is looking for a new space! We’re moving!

  1. Can you post a map (or link to a map, please don’t make it involving having to sign up to some Google Uber-world-takeover scheme thing) indicating the optimal, sub-optimal and crappy-optimal search radius?