Super Happy Hacker House 22

Congratulations to Fredrica for her amazing loofah-like Super Hardy Egg Liability Limiter (SHELL).

According to eye witnesses, Fredrica’s AWESOME crochet’d cloud just floated slowly down and went poof on the spot. (If anyone has video, let us know!) For her victory she was awarded a few rolls of wool to knit future projects with. What a perfect prize!

Meanwhile in the dungeon, the laser crew have been hard at work. After a series of entertaining challenges the end is in sight. Mirrors are being aligned, focus is being improved, and maniacal laughter is being practiced into the wee hours.

All this while others are working hard to get ready for the Vancouver Maker Fair just around the corner. You should get your tickets A to the S to the A to the P.

2 Comments on “Super Happy Hacker House 22

  1. Whoa, clever! Air breaking and collision-energy absorbing all in one, love it! And it’s pretty, in a corral sort of way.