Happenings in the Space, Monday August 13th

Tonight we had quite a few different projects going on, with a solar garden light being repaired, a CNC machine starting to take shape, EL wire kits being assembled, our new lab power supplies being tested, and wait for it… TANTILLUS BEING ASSEMBLED!

Jonah’s CNC machine starting to take shape:
CNC machine progress

Lab power supplies being tested – yes, they’re isolated grounds and thus can be chained together in series/parallel (they’re 30V / 3A units, and the photo bellow has them maxed out, and along with the cheap-o multimeter, that’s why the numbers don’t quite add up)! These were kindly donated to the space by Nokia Canada. w00t!
30V / 3A bench power supplies

Tantillus! It’s a RepRap 3D printer with ultra-high resolution (down to 50 microns from memory). Read more about it at tantillus.org. w00t! w00t!
Tantillus assembly