Ye Olde Open Night at 45WHastings

Tuesday open nights are still happening at the old location. Now with added bonus challenge excitement.

Want to sit in a blue chair? Too bad! Want to use the MAME box? Nuh-uh. Want a screwdriver with interchangeable bits? I don’t think so. Fridge to keep your drink cold? Not any more!

(The amazing thing about the word “but” in a sentence is that it negates everything that came before it. For example:)


If you want to 3D print or solder, we got you covered. If you want to craft, draw, drill, saw, bend, glue, cut, or invent, we’ve got your back. If you just want to put things in boxes so the movers can go quicker, that’s cool too. Maybe you’d just like to sit on that grey couch one last time and soak up the ambiance. Please, here, I saved you a seat.

Doors officially open from 19:30 to 11:00. Bring your project or your curiosity, just git on down to la Ve Hash Hess.