Open Night Tuesday May 14th is at The Bunker – 270 East 1st Ave!

VHS at 45 West Hastings St is officially out of commission – there is virtually no equipment remaining, power to the router, switches, etc has been disconnected, there are no chairs, and there is no table space. Our move to 270 E 1st Ave is still in progress, and you will not be able to do much work in that space either yet (everything’s in boxes, on palettes), but if you’d like to give us a hand with the build-out and setup of the new VHS location please come on down!

The Bunker is located on 1st Ave, 1 block east of Main St. To get there via the skytrain, get off at the Main St/Science World station, walk 1 block south along Main St to 1st Ave, then walk 1 block east to 270 E 1st Ave. It’s also directly on the bike route, and there is free (and plentiful) street parking. The main entrance is at the rear of the building, but we will have the roller-door at the front open too.

To summarize:

  • 45W (OLD VHS): Decommissioned!
  • 270 E 1st Ave (aka The Bunker, NEW VHS): Almost operational!
    • But don’t expect to be able to work on your projects at The Bunker just yet.