Space Update

Did you know the VHS now has a vending machine? It takes anything up to a loonie and is loaded with snacks, drinks, electronics, and short projects you can do in an evening. There’s even EL wire for the bike rave this Friday. Once the machine has paid for itself profits will go to buying awesome stuff the space needs.

Every bench in the space now has a name, and every shelf has a number. (Thanks, Illithia!) That means things can start to get labelled with an address and find their way back home, ending the confusion of things that go a walking. That means YOU have to put addresses on the things you use so we can put them back where they belong. Please & thank you.

Special thanks to Steven for sorting all the small parts bins, Tom for rolling out the fiber network in-house, Ryan for giving the toilets a once-over, and all our fantastic new bloggers. VHS rules!