Workshop: Arduino 1-Wire


Have you ever wanted to record the temperature with your Arduino? What about the humidty? Maybe you’re more interested in motion detection, or maybe you want to detect water leaks.

1-wire sensors to the rescue! There are many types of sensors that use the 1-wire protocol, which lets you hook up many sensors to a single input on your Arduino. These types of sensors can also handle longer wire lengths, so that you can place the sensors further away from your Arduino without issue.

In this workshop, we’ll be going over the following:

  • Installing the 1-Wire Arduino library
  • Reading the 1-Wire device ID
  • Reading values from a device
  • Reading values from multiple devices hooked up to the same pin

To do this workshop, you’ll need the following:

  • your own laptop, with the Arduino IDE installed
  • an Arduino device

If you’ve never worked with Arduinos before, please take the time to go through the Blink tutorial on your own. This will ensure that you’re ready to take part in the workshop. If you’re having any issues, please come to VHS on Tuesday, April 28th — that’s our open house night, and I’ll be there to help you get set up. That way we can dive straight into the 1-Wire stuff on the day of the workshop.

The Vancouver Hackspace
1715 #104 Cook street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thursday, April 30th – 6:30pm

Anyone and everyone is welcome. If you are younger than 18 please bring your parent or guardian with you.

There will be a $10 workshop fee.
Please RSVP on Picatic