VHS Has a Sandblaster!

The sand blaster works! Removes paint and preps surfaces great

It’s a small self-contained unit. Plug in the hose to the air compressor, plug in the power, turn on the light switch, put object in chamber, close+latch door, put hands through gloves, step on pedal and BLAST

The nozzle is at a fixed location in the unit (where you see the hose going in the front)

Has tons of sand/glass in it, and it gets recirculated so doesn’t need refilling. Some does escape however, so wear a face mask, and vacuum up afterwards

It’s hard to see or know what’s going on though, as you can’t see much through the window once the sand is going around – will definitely take some practice

It’s stored on the big shelves in the workshop, in a labeled cardboard box. It’s heavy(ish) though, so be careful when moving the box that it doesn’t fall through the bottom

As with all of our shop tools, it is a member-only tool, so join us!

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2 Comments on “VHS Has a Sandblaster!

  1. Note that silica sand is hazardous because it can cause silicosis.

    Garnet or soda would be a better choice.