Upcoming Class: Beginners Sketchup

Okay way overdue for another Sketchup class. So Oct 22, 2015 @ VHS “Intro to Sketchup 3D. focus on 3D Printing”

This class will give you a crash course on the free version of SketchUp Make. (Formally known as Google SketchUp).
And as the title implies we will only be focusing on the tools you need to create models that are intended to be printed on one of our (or your own) 3D printers.
We will not be talking about how to actually print any models. That’s for another class.
VHS does run an introduction to our 3D printers. Where your shown how to take the model from your screen to the printer.
Its a requirement to take for those wishing to use VHS’s 3D printers and have not had any experience before.

Tickets can be purchased here @ Eventbrite.
Funds raised will go towards something useful for VHS or perhaps 50Kg of discount candy from Halloween. We’d find that useful, no?

The Class will officially run from 7pm-9:30pm(unofficially till my voice gives out or the last person leaves :)
From 7pm-7:30pm will be a complete noobs introduction to 3D models. So if you have no idea how 3D computer models work you’ll want to start with this.
From 7::30 and onward will be all about SketchUp.
I will talk about a couple very useful or necessary plugins. Copies of SketchUp and the plugins will be available on CD.

This is a repeat of the same class I had last year. In case anyone who participated wants a free review please send me an message on talk.

For those with 3D modeling experience but looking for more insight on designing for 3D printing. There will be a new class sometime start of Nov.
Those who get through this class and get some practice in before the 2nd class will find the 2nd class a good follow up.The 2nd Class I will use SketchUp to demonstrate a lot of the design concepts, but you don’t have to have Sketchup experience. This knowledge will be applicable to any program.
Like Solidworks, Rhino, Blender, etc.