eWaste Pickup by The Hackery


This is a shout out to our friends at The Hackery. Recently they picked up a large quantity of ewaste from us. This helps VHS make sure our old electronics get recycled as much as as possible. This is a free service for large pickups. For small amounts of ewaste like a laptop you can drop off your recycling for free at The Hackery. Here’s more info about the recycling program.

What happens to the old computer equipment?

Recycled items are first checked for useful components.  Donations of older equipment allow them to help customers with low income, modest requirements, or custom-made industrial machinery after the big companies have stopped providing support. Equipment which is too old or broken for re-use is then sorted by material and sent on to the appropriate facility for final processing.

What happens to scrap?

Scrap stays as close to its source as possible. They work with local recyclers first, and do not ship e-waste overseas or to the third world. Whole computers, circuit boards, plastics and related e-waste materials are exclusively sent to downstream recyclers who are either certified E-Stewards, or who are part of the provincial recycling program. Wires and clean metals go to North Star Recycling. Cell phones and loose batteries are smelted via the Call2Recycle Program.