Workshop: Foreign Thought Ingress Protection

Foreign Thought Ingress Protection Workshop. Open to ages 19 and over.

This workshop will provide you will all the materials and instruction to put together your own helmet of Faraday!

Do you dream of being able to think clearly, free of intrusive thoughts? Are major governments, or bad agents trying to influence your actions? Then this is the workshop for you!

During the workshop we will be discussing the design and process involved in creating various styles, as well as assembling your own to take home.

7pm – 10pm Friday, April 7th

The Vancouver Hackspace,
1715 Cook Street #104, Vancouver, BC, Canada


The workshop is open to the public. VHS members receive a discount on the fees.

Adults only, please!

You must bring yourself.

Parts included with the workshop
These parts are included and used for the workshop, and are yours to take home:

1 x Sheet Aluminum Foil
1 x Dollop iron-impregnated epoxy

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