VHS Members at Eastside Culture Crawl


The Vancouver East Side Culture Crawl is coming up from Nov 15 – 18th. This event features all kinds of artists, designers, artisans, and other creators who work in the Vancouver East Side. Check out these VHSers during the crawl and all the other artists and maker organizations in the crawl area.

Mark Johnston
Vancouver Community Lab

A member of both VHS and Vancouver Community Lab (Colab), Mark is an artist who creates work in a variety of mediums from woodworking to textiles to welding and more.  Most recently he exhibited at the Deer Lake Gallery Luminesence show and will have a number of new works at the crawl. Mark can often be found at laser-cutting at the space and also does a lot of metalwork at Colab. Check out his latest metal creations and more!


Circle Tree by Mark Johnston
Metal Man by Mark Johnston



Baptiste Poncet, Ceiba Design Studio
Parker St studios, studio 490 (ByNature)

Baptiste is an artist and designer who creates work with a strong connection to nature. You may have seen him around the space working on his beautiful laser-cut corner planter or the hops-flower hanging lamp. He is also a print maker and will have some new linocut prints at the crawl as well as a range of laser-cut wooden ornaments and lamps.


Hops Lamp by Baptiste
Print by Baptiste Poncet



Not officially part of the crawl, but in the area and definitely worth checking out are our friends at Tradeworks.  They have an impressive shop setup where they teach woodworking and carpentry skills. Tradeworks also have a Women in Trades program designed to help women transition into carpentry-related trades. They’ll have an open house during the crawl. If you do visit say hi to Steve, who is a longtime friend of VHS.  He’s taught woodworking to many VHS members. Visit the Tradeworks website for more details.

Lasercuts by Tradeworks
Tradeworks Open House


There are many more makers involved in the crawl this year, be sure to check them out. Here is a handy map to navigate the crawl. Have fun!