Warm up the T-shirt cannon!

Yeung, one of our recent new members, has brought a bunch of new equipment to the space!

Equipment like this heat press!

It happens we’ve had this vinyl cutter kicking around for a few years. It goes by “The Clipper”. I think there were TV commercials about it in the 80s.

We’re not sure why the printer is angry… I think all printers are angry all the time, they’re just not usually so honest about it

And Yeung brought also brought some heat transfer vinyl, which The Clipper can cut out very accurately, so that you can stick cool graphics to things. Things like T-shirts!

You don’t have to make the pot jokes if you don’t want to… we’re good.

✨Then, on Friday… magic happened!✨

Moose and…rabbit?  I thought it was Moose and Squirrel!
This great logo was designed by one of our directors
We like gears here. Maybe a little too much.

And here’s the host of the whole event, wearing the shirt he designed and made at VHS, doing what comes naturally when a Robotic Semi-aquatic Rodent (designed and built and overclocked and exorcised by a VHS member, of course) is on the premises.

Yeung, our amazing workshop host!

Thanks so much for running this workshop, Yeung! Welcome to VHS! 😘