At VHS all members start with limited access privileges and can obtain 24/7 access by applying for keyholder status after a 1 month probationary period. This is to ensure trustworthiness and that a level of responsibility can be expected.  We like to get to know you before we give you keys to the place!

VHS Membership


  • No signup fee
  • $75 a month
  • Completion of  VHS minutes

First Month – Probationary Member

  • Guaranteed access to VHS every Tuesday evening (4:30 to 9:00 PM).
  • Access to the members-only areas (e.g. laser cutter and woodshop).
  • Occasional access to the space during members-only open times (not guaranteed).
  • Access to the member-only section of the VHS forums.

After 1 month you can apply for Keyholdership

  • All the benefits of VHS membership plus:
    • A key to the space and 24/7 access rights.
    • Complete responsibility for the space while you have it open.
    • The power to open the space for other members if you wish.

After 3 months you can vote at society meetings. 

How to Join or Upgrade

Step 1: Join VHS

  1. Send an email to our Membership Coordinator at with the following information:
    • Name
    • Username on our forums. (This is so we can add you to the Members category, which is how we keep you informed about society going-ons. If you don’t have an account on our forums yet take this time to do so, even non-members are welcome to join.)
    • Are you a new member?
    • The name and email your PayPal* account is under.
    • Have you been a member before? If so, under what name?
    • Have you signed the waiver? (This is the Liability Waiver you should have signed the first time you entered the space, if you haven’t signed this yet make sure to do it first thing next time you come in)
    • Have you been given a tour of the space? (If not, make sure to request one the next time you come in)
  2. Go to the Payment Options section further down this page and select Member ($75)
  3. Wait for the confirmation email from the Membership Coordinator

Step 2: Upgrade to Keyholder

Once you have been a member for 1 month, you are eligible to apply for your Keyholdership.

  • Make sure you have 3 vouches from existing members
  • Make a post in the Keyholder Applications category on Talk
  • See further information in the FAQ below.

Once you receive at least 3 vouches from existing keyholders, you will receive an email from the Membership Coordinator after 1 week with further instructions.

Payment Options

1 month of probationary membership followed by a short vetting process on our forums, then full access to the space, 24/7

$10/month Friend of VHS
If you don’t want to be a member, but you want to support us by kicking in a few bucks a month towards our space – we would LOVE your support!For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week you can support innovation, learning, do-ocratic awesomeness in the greatest city on earth.
One-time donation to VHS
Donations are warmly welcomed. Thank you!


[Q] Where did the $30 membership level go?
[A] On September 16th, 2018, during a QGM, members voted to change our membership structure, this change is a response to raising Vancouver rents and our inevitable move to a new location. This new structure will help us secure a new and larger space and continue to be a great resource in Vancouver for makers and hobbyists.

[Q] I can’t see the members-only category on Talk!
[A] Check the post on Talk on how to get access.

[Q] How do I get vetted for keyholder privileges?
[A] In order to be eligible for upgrading your membership to have keyholder privileges, you must be a member for 1 month, then you need to be vetted by the existing keyholder membership. This involves:

    • Announce that you want to become a keyholder in the (members-only) Keyholder Applications category of the VHS Talk forum. Please see previous announcements for the format that these are expected to take.
    • 3 (or more!) current keyholder members must vouch for you.
    • If there are no objections after one week, you will be provided keyholder privileges. Congratulations!

[Q] Where can I get a copy of the liability waiver and membership application?
[A] Membership applicationLiability Waiver. Want to know more? Check out the new member page on our Wiki!

[Q] What are the responsibilities of members or guests?
[A] Members and guests alike are expected to:

    • If you or any other member or guest, sees something that you could consider unsafe you should ask the person to stop. If you don’t feel comfortable asking them to stop, ask another member (or BoD) to help you. We can not resolve the problem if no one tells us about it.
    • If you see someone doing something illegal, report it either to the BoD or the police. This includes making a gun, stealing, computer crime, etc. Use your best judgement, as some activities that may be uncommon are also not illegal (we are a hack space after all!).

[Q] What are the responsibilities of a member with keyholder privileges?
[A] Members with keyholder privileges are expected to:

    • Ensure that everyone has signed the waiver. Part of getting people to sign the waiver is to show them the safety equipment around the space, and tell them there is a risk to being at the space. It would be nice if you also talked them through how the space runs and what kind of projects are done there.
    • Close and lock the space when leaving if there are no other keyholders present, or those who are do not wish to keep the space open.

[Q] When does membership expire?
[A] Membership expires one 1 month and one (1) day after the last payment, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Board of Directors (

[Q] How do I cancel my membership?
[A] First we’d love to hear from you about your time at VHS, click here to fill out a super quick survey. If you are paying for your membership view Paypal recurring payments, then you are responsible for cancelling your payments. We do not have access to your PayPal or credit card or bank accounts to control your recurring payments, so cannot do it for you. Simply log in to and head to your Recurring Payments section to cancel them, your account will then deactivate automatically at the end of your last payed month. Payments made after membership is cancelled (by email to the BoD) will be considered a donation to Vancouver Hack Space (we don’t know otherwise!).