Super Happy Hacker House #28 and Open House: Saturday, June 15

Stay Away From Lonely Places

What: Super Happy Hacker House XXVIII!
VHS is having an open house from 12 noon to 9 pm on Saturday June 15th. Add it to your calendar!

Never been to the hack space before? This is the perfect time to visit!
Already been to the old place? Come check out our new space off of Main St!

Super Happy Hacker House is a social night where members and non-members are welcome to gather for conversation, beverages, lightning talks, and super happy hacking.  Bring your laptops, Arduinos, crafts, and gadgets for a night of merrymaking!

Our brand new building (The Bunker) 270 1st Ave E, Vancouver BC V5T 1A6

Parking is available just outside the space. Bikes can be brought inside the front door. To get here via transit: get off at Main St. – Science World station, walk South down Main to 1st Ave (past McDonalds), turn left onto 1st Ave.  Walk until you see the VHS sandwich board (past the “Stay away from lonely places” sign, directly across the street from the Brinks building).

Saturday, June 15, 2013. Open House 12 noon to 5 pm, and SHHH 9 pm to 2 am

Everyone, members and non-members and all of their friends.