SMD October – Build your own minimal Arduino Leonardo Compatible, October 24th

This workshop uses a readily available prototype board to construct a bare bones Arduino Leonardo compatible microcontroller using off the shelf components.

The soldering will be more complex than the September workshop. The microcontroller has 32 pins but the pin spacing is the same as the 555 timer used in the I (heart) SMT board. There are about the same number of components to solder, although, since this is a prototype PCB, there will be quite a number of through hole wire links to add.

A similar schematic can be seen here

The board will have a micro usb connector, please bring a laptop with the latest version of the Arduino software installed and a micro usb cable (if possible).

The workshop will include programming the bootloader, if time permits this will be DIY or if not, done for you.

This is an intermediate level workshop – basic SMD soldering skills will be assumed as will familiarity with the Arduino software environment.

The workshop will run over 2 weeks, please attend the first session, the second session is optional to ensure sufficient time is available for everyone.

Prepayment is required to establish the size of the component order. Tickets close 1 week prior to the workshop.

When : October 24th, 2013 7:00pm and October 31st, 2013 7:00pm
Where : VHS 270 E 1st Ave, Vancouver
Tickets : Eventbrite
Cost : $12 for parts and instructions (eventbrite will add $1.70 or so)
Bring : laptop with Arduino software installed, micro usb cable (preferable), solder iron (preferable) and magnifier (preferable)