Maker Faire 2014 – Soldering Workshop Kit Instructions

Thanks to everyone for another great Maker Faire this year.  We hope to see everyone there in 2015 for the big 5th year of the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire!

The VHS soldering workshop area was popular as always, especially thanks to the new line following robot kit this year (we sold out Sunday afternoon!).  We also had lots of people learning to solder the blinky LED badge kits

If you didn’t get a chance to build a kit this year, don’t worry, you can come to VHS on one of our open nights and use one of our soldering irons.  We have lots of the blinky badge kits leftover ($3), and we will have a few of the Line following robot kits ($20) available this evening as well.

Here are the instructions for the kits:
Line Following Robot Instructions
Blinky Instructions

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