Fountain Pen and Crafting Night – Nov. 3rd

Fountain Pen


Monday got you down? The onset of Vancouver’s winter rains breaking your spirit? We can’t do anything about that, but you should come to VHS for crafting and fountain pen night.


Fountain pen night is an opportunity for any fans of traditional (or just unusual) writing implements to bring them out to show and experiment.

Why fountain pens? They’re something different. They write very differently than ballpoint pens. There are all sorts of physical and mechanical designs. It also can be fun to have your choice of a huge variety of inks.

Bring along your pens and inks, have an opportunity to try out others, and generally play around. No experience or equipment is required if you just want to check it out.

We’ll also be opening the spaaaaaace for a general crafting night – come down and work on your projects!


When: Monday Nov. 3rd at 7:30 PM
Where:VHS 270 E 1st Ave
What to bring: Fountain/Dip/Calligraphy Pen collections. Inks. Paper.
Cost: No fee, VHS membership encouraged, but not required.