June 6th – 7th: Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2015

Don’t  miss Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2015. Be inspired. Learn stuff. See amazing feats. Meet incredible inventors, tinkerers, and makers like some of our very own VHS members.

73571Sean Hagen: Intrepid Mold Maker
Sean is a talented maker, hacker, and all-round creative dude who loves to mold and cast stuff.  Wish you could do this? Now you can at the  Maker Faire workshop! Make your own silicone dump mold. This process is perfect for creating replicas of just about anything including things you brought back from comic con, building your very own custom ice cube tray, and more. The possibilities are endless.




M12-300x298Dan Royer: Marginally Clever Robots
Marginally Clever Robots began as a hobby project at VHS. Now there are over 1000 of their famous Makelangelo drawing robots around the world. The latest model will be at the fair as well as a super big game of Tetris that can be built from Dan’s LED/arduino classes and some fun throwable light toys for kids of all ages. Marginally Clever Robots is raising the next generation of coders, engineers, and robot-ready young leaders.





Steven Smethurst: Magical Portals & Maker Spaces
Steven Smethurst is a maker, hacker, and builder of amazing things.  His latest includes the Pocket Universe, a wooden 10-foot icosahedron dome he made in his living room.  Step inside it’s mirrored interior and be transported to a magical place. Then learn about making your very own portal – a tiny fairy door for the magical gnomes, pixies, and other fairy folk that live in your neighbourhood.

How do you make a MakerSpace? Steven knows. Join him on this moderated panel of representatives from four local spaces (Zen MakerLab, MakerLabs, Fraser Valley MakerSpace, and the Vancouver HackSpace). Hear about  the their challenges, the business models they employ and the reception from the local community.


badgeVancouver Hack Space: Learn to Solder
No experience required! Stop by and learn to solder! For only $3 you’ll build your very own blinky LED VHS pin-on badge.  This skill is your gateway to making electronic projects and fixing just about anything electronic you own. Accompanied children welcome.  Our friendly members will get you started and lend a hand if you get stuck. Runs for the duration of the faire. No registration required, just come to our booth. Approximate build time: 30 minutes. Then wear you glorious badge around the Faire!




greenVancouver Hack Space: Member Project and Info Booth
Come and meet us! Learn more about VHS, check out amazing projects made by our members,  play a tune on a piano made from play-doh, and see our 3D printer in action. There’s all this and much more at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, 2015.