Vancouver Hackspace continues existence!

Thank you for the kind messages and laughs.

Yes, this was indeed an Aprils Fools Day joke.

See you at the next open house?


Vancouver Hackspace to cease all activities

It is with great sadness that the Vancouver Hackspace (VHS) has to announce its closure.

Due to recent legal issues and the impending eviction of VHS, its membership has decided last night, in a special emergency general meeting, to discontinue its activity and will sell

off all its assets, of which the proceeds will be used to cover legal fees.

In regards to the future of the local hacker and maker communities, it is the general consensus that the existing communities in Vancouver can cater to the vacuum that will

inevitably be created and efforts are being made to provide the VHS community with good alternatives that take its membership into account. A restart of all activities under a new

legal entity has also been discussed and a new Vancouver maker space might be launched depending on the results of the legal issues.

Further more, there have been initiatives for creating new hacker/makerspaces in the GVRD:
– Burnaby: BETA
– New West: NxNW
– Richmond: RoHS
– Surrey: SMS
– Tri-Port: C3P/I-O

Unfortunately, the current BoD has been advised to not comment on any matters due to legal reasons.

Please join us on for discussing the future of hacker-/makerspace in the GVRD.

The VHS BoD and membership