VHS to set sail for the future!

With the move to the new location at 1601 Venables Street successfully completed, Vancouver Hack Space (VHS) has decided to change its course for future endeavours. During the EGM that was held last Saturday and went on into the early hours of Sunday morning, the membership has unanimously decided to refocus VHS’ efforts, moving away from the traditional hackerspace activities such as 3D printing, casting, electronics, metal working and welding, to fully commit itself and its facilities, to the following uses and focus points:

  • boating
  • furniture
  • upholstery
  • woodworking
  • other suggested activities include, but not limited to, are:
    • non-professional dentistry and other medical practices
    • aviation

With this change in course, VHS hopes to attract and accommodate the nouveau rich and a more wealthy demographic in general, and hopes to thus to contribute to the effects of the gentrification of the upper Commercial Drive area at large.

VHS, its board of directors and its membership, wish everyone a smooth sailing!