SMT/SMD (Surface Mount Technology and Devices) Night this Wednesday

28-pin MLP integrated circuitWednesday. Wednesday! WEDNESDAY! Is SMT night at VHS! Beeeee theeeeerrre!

VHS has just received a large donation of SMT components, with some amazing parts in the mix. In order for our community to take advantage of these parts though, we have to break down the perceived barriers to entry that many people have for working with SMT. The reality of SMT is that it’s actually easier, faster, and cheaper than through-hole, but many people incorrectly associate the physical size of the components with being difficult, aggravating, and slow to use.

The night will cover:

  • Introduction to SMT components.
  • Why use SMT over through-hole
  • Identification of SMT components, and common SMT packages
  • Overview of SMT assembly techniques
  • How to prototype with SMT components
  • Learn to solder SMT on the blank SMT PCBs we have at the space
  • Sorting our new SMT components!


What: SMT/SMD (Surface Mount Technology/Surface Mount Devices) Night

Where: VHS (270 East 1st Ave aka The Bunker,

When: Wednesday July 3rd @ 7:30pm

Why: Using SMT components opens the doors to a lot of amazing devices that are not available in through-hole packages, and is faster AND easier to work with. Don’t believe us? Come along and find out!

Who: Anyone and everyone, members or non members, guests, etc..

Bottom Line: Richard Sim

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