Mozillians Hackathon (Wednesday July 17th @ 7:30pm)

Hackspaces need a way to better engage across communities and allow their members to identify their interests.  Mozilla has implemented a pseudo social networking platform that fills this gap, and has released it as an open source project; lets get together and hack on Mozillians to create something cool!


  • add support for Open Badges
  • implement user owned tags
  • build a system for privileged users to be able to send emails to groups of hackers
  • add multi-space support to enable other hackspaces to “claim” their space online and encourage their members to participate

Come and join us on July 17th for an overview of the Mozillians code base and see how you can participate!

What: Mozillians Hackathon

Where: VHS (270 East 1st Ave aka The Bunker,

When: Wednesday July 17th @ 7:30pm

Why: To learn about the Mozillians backend and how we might extend it to suit our needs for an in-house member management solution and try to implement some of these extensions.

Who: Anyone and everyone, members or non members, guests, etc..

What To Bring:  Bring a laptop; your coding beverage of choice; some sharable munchies; and/or your ideas for what you would like to see in an internal, possibly cross-hackspace, social network and member management solution!

Bottom Line: Dennis Ferruzzi