Geek Speak: Dan Royer, Vancouver Hack Space member

A longtime member of VHS, Dan Royer, was recently interviewed by Stephen Thomson of the Georgia Straight.

DAN ROYER IS among the roughly 120 members of Vancouver Hack Space. The nonprofit group’s aim is to provide a welcoming place for computer programmers, artists, engineers, and other tinkers to meet up and work together on creative projects of all sorts.

Based out of a studio at 270 East 1st Avenue, just off of Main Street, the group holds regular events including 3D-printer nights, craft nights, and open nights for non-members. The member-run space is brimming with tools, equipment, and materials to inspire inventions and innovations.

Royer, who has been a Vancouver Hack Space member for around a year and a half, also runs a business called Marginally Clever, which creates educational robotic kits.

The Georgia Straight reached Royer by phone.

What is Vancouver Hack Space all about?

In the 50s and 60s everyone had their own garage and you heard about people who started their businesses in their garage. These days rent is too high and population is too high so these people have all banded together to create a group space where they can work and collaborate together.

It’s like the Internet made real. Instead of forums where you go and chat with your friends about something you love, you come here and you meet them face-to-face and you can actually work together on amazing projects; everything from crafting to making a new circuit board to 3D printing. Pretty much anything you can name. Modifying Nerf guns. It’s all over the place.

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